Our Expertise



Special Purpose Machines

We specialise in design, installation and manufacturing of body in white tooling for the  Automotive and Rail industries.

Our Services

We provide the following business services to our customers.

Innovative Space

We strive to be a continuously innovative company.

Latest Technology

Inductive Aisle Crossing is the use of a track guidance systems that uses inductive wiring in the floor to drive and guide the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) between locations while allowing other traffic to cross without interference.

Virtual Commissioning

We developed a communication driver in collaboration with Siemens that enables direct integration of our virtual 3D simulations with automation logic running on physical Allen Bradley PLCs. 


Our Project Installation Management System (PIMS) provides real time tracking of project progress and management of site related information.

Floor Mapping Robot

The current process of manually marking site layouts onto floors can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. A current R&D project involves a mobile robot designed to autonomously print layouts directly onto the plant floor.

DESign App

The DESign App is an employee’s companion to perform various tasks from time keeping to tracking expenses and managing approvals on the go.